Fri Oct 19, 2012, 08:39 Pm

An Unbelievable conversation at the tire place this afternoon

I had to go to the local tire distributor's place today to get a set of tires for the front of the tractor. They ordered them a couple of days ago so I just walked in to tell the young lady who runs the place what I was there for. We know each other, and she is not one to restrain herself, at all. So she yells out to me, "what did you think about the debate?" I said I was one hell of a lot happier with the second one than I was with the first, but I was pleased that Obama had come through.

I did not expect this to be well received by the other people in the room, who were two guys sitting down near the desks, one of which turned out to be a tire delivery fellow and the other just another customer like me. Also in the room was a young lady, mid-20's hauling around one small child, and another employee of the place.

It was like someone popped a cork out of a bottle. First the tire distributor chimes in, "Romney don't give a flying fuck about people like you and me", he said as in the background the boss-lady chimed in again saying "he don't know jack shit about how we have to live". Right then and there tossed in my little bit reminding them about the 47%, which they were all knew about.

I was just amazed by this because this is about as red a county as you can find in West Virginia. But there it was, every person in the place voiced essentially the same opinion, that Romney was no good for the country, and for the most part we were all just strangers who happened to come together out of nowhere. Folks, I see this as a very good sign.
It's amusing how they need to bolster each other with these obvious bouncies...