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My Father's vote was just stolen in Ohio...

My father had a stroke a few years ago, and he has trouble reading. He votes absentee, so my mother can help him with the ballot. Well, he sent in his ballot a couple weeks ago, and he did EVERYTHING as instructed. Everything was signed, documented, etc. Proper postage and everything.

Yesterday, he got a letter from the Butler County board of elections saying something was not up to snuff with his ballot, and he had to provide one of the following blah blah blah. One of the choices is his drivers license number, which he already included on the absentee ballot. It says he has to deliver it by hand to their office and his deadline is November 16th.

So basically they're only gonna count it as a provisional ballot. What really happened is they opened his ballot, and saw that he voted for Obama, and now they're not going to count it. I don't know who to contact. I'm so pissed I can't see straight.
So his first reaction is "his vote was stolen", not "what is the problem, and what can I do to help fix the problem".
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1. Don't take it lying down

Contact your local Dem office, and find out if there is a voter rights group in your state and contact them.

Also, I would at least TRY to speak to someone at the Board of Elections explaining your situation, and seeing if you can find some way that they will accept his vote.

But DEFINITELY go speak to the local Obama people. They are ALL over this kind of thing.
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3. Please report this to the press

And local democratic offices and your representatives. Take photos showing you had the drivers license number on there already.
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5. The Republicans are stealing the election, one vote at a time.

I agree with the above posters. Raise holy hell. Phone the local media.

They will toss your father's provisional ballot in the trash alongside the thousands of Democratic voter registration forms across Ohio (a 3rd incident has been identified).

Do not surrender.
ProudToBeBlueInRhody (8,679 posts)

8. Do NOT let them get away with it.

Go to the press, the Obama campaign and them directly....

I've had enough of these goddamn Republicans....I want them all to lose their jobs and off themselves.
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13. i betting what's happened is his signature doesn't match the one they have on file

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since his stroke I'm sure his signature has changed.

one of the ways to insure absentee ballots are real is to compare the signatures from the ballot envelope to the one from the file.

relax and call them and ask if that's the problem and what you need to do to fix it
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26. Fight them and enlist the help of local Obama office if possible. Write to liberal newspaper

Make them cite the names of those officials involve in rejecting the vote.
And there's lots more at the link.