This thread provides a platform for the delusional to rant.

As you read it imagine yourself having as much hatred and selfishness as they are expressing.

rveyor (9,574 posts)

With Romney Closing In, Obama To Launch Swing State Blitz

Source: Reuters

WASHINGTON/DEL RAY BEACH, Florida | Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:13pm EDT

(Reuters) - Facing a cliffhanger re-election attempt, President Barack Obama will launch a round-the-clock, two-day campaign blitz through six battleground states next week to try to fend off the challenge from Republican Mitt Romney.

Polls show Obama's strong debate performance this week gained him little or no ground against the former Massachusetts governor with just over two weeks until the November 6 election.

The pair are essentially tied in most surveys as Americans remain split between giving Obama more time to fix the economy or choosing a former business executive who argues he knows best how to create jobs.

Obama will campaign in Iowa on Wednesday, then hit Colorado, Nevada, Florida and Virginia, cast his ballot early in his home town of Chicago, then stop in Ohio to end the tour.

warrior1 (8,132 posts)

1. closing in

meaning he is 5 to 10 points behind.

zeemike (9,746 posts)

9. The whole purpose of that story is to establish that it is too close to call.

That is the set up....and must be believed if Rmoney is to win by hook or by crook...mostly crook.
that win must be made plausible by the polls and articles like this.
We shall see more of this.
PSPS (3,928 posts)

25. That is one scenario

However, I don't think that would fly as well now as it did in 2000 and 2004. Flipping an election this time would pretty much label the resulting junta as illegitimate in the minds of most citizens because it would be too obvious. The corrupt corporate media's stranglehold on information is long gone.
dawn frenzy adams (19 posts)

11. Better get on it folks!

Do not buy this nonsense that the polls are close. I do not believe for a moment that Romney's first debate was a game changer. Nor do I believe Obama received no bounce from the second. This is Mainstream Media along with its allegiance to the Republican Party and Republican Polling firms, doing what they have for the past 12 years, which is to crush the will of the American People. This is corporate power helping corporate power.

The question here is why do we on the left continue to accept this? We know damn well the Republicans will steal this election. They've never stopped. Don't think they didn't try during the 2008 election. I live in Ohio, and during early voting the Republicans were out in full force harassing voters. We already know what they did in 2000 and 2004. There was trouble throughout the entire country during the 2010 midterm elections. The Scott Walker recall was another example of Republicans tampering with the vote, and you bloody well know it.

Right now we should be preparing for another stolen election. We should present documentation to the United Nations that America's elections are just as crooked as any Third World Dictatorship. Because they are. Don't wait for election day. It will be too late.
progressivebydesign (18,478 posts)

20. Gore and Clinton were right. They were gravely concerned about the corporate controlled media..

..and how little voice the American PEOPLE have anymore in the media. they KNEW years ago, that this would start affecting elections. The FEC is fucking worthless, as is the FTC. They are allowing media monopolies, with Clear Channel owning several statins in one market, billboards, etc., and they are owned by BAIN!!

This is not a coincidence folks. The Supreme Court decision, the media control, the republican controlled polling firms, the purchase of the voting machine companies, NONE if it is a coincidence. This entire scenario has been thought-out and planned.

There is a REASON why we have 400+ billionaires on the Richest Americans list, when not that long ago there here 2 or 3. They want a fancier version of Haiti, and the other countries where a handful of people are filthy rich, the and the rest are either living on the streets, or doing the laundry for the billionaires. They want to see the cities deserted, with graffiti and empty storefronts, and men of all ages standing on street corners all day. Thats what they want.. because in Romney's little enclaves, they have gated communities, they have security guards, they have all the things THEY need.

It's all related, these fucking phony narrative that ROmney could win TODAY (thank you to Yahoo Ticket for THAT ONE today...) Let's keep fighting this. Let's keep volunteering, donating, talking to our friends and family. This IS the most important election of our lives. We determine NOW if the right wingers on the SUpreme Court have destroyed our election system forever, and if people like the fucking Koch Brothers will get their ROI on their billion.

and btw... The President is ahead in the swing states.. is Reuters on CRACK?
lexw (172 posts)

30. Astounding

Have we ever in history had backstage video of a candidate showing his true colors for the middle class like we have with Romney? And yet, the bone heads are voting for him anyway? What goes more do they need? This country is soooooo sad.
This folks is what we will contend with if Romney wins.
  • Leftists who claimed that every poll that had Obama losing was a "rightwing" poll and inaccurate.
  • Who are nothing but intolerant of any other belief but the same one they have.
  • Who refuses to do ANY research and investigation before believing what the most far left politicians and pundits tell them
  • And who are SURE that if Romney wins it can ONLY be because the election was stolen.

It isn't going to be pretty.

You know, I can't comprehend not being able so see another side to an issue, even if you don't agree with it. I can't comprehend having that much hatred (and the ability to be in complete denial about it) for someone else or another group of people.

In many ways I feel sorry for them because it is clear that they are so filled with envy, covertness, and hate that they are totally miserable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.