OMG!!! A DUmmie has "lost tolerance"????

Sun Oct 21, 2012, 08:56 AM

RANT: I have lost tolerance for people who have no interest in current events or politics.

Maybe I care too much. Maybe I see every presidential election as a critical must-win, or God only knows what could happen (but then, we saw what happened after the 2004 election!).

But I have family and friends who have no interest in politics or current events. They don't read or watch the news, never refer to anything in the news (local or national), didn't watch the debates or party conventions, etc. One relative even had the nerve to call me to chat during the Democratic National Convention right before Bill Clinton was about to speak. Now, I'm not a football fan, but I think I have the good sense not to call someone to chat during the Superbowl.

I was talking to another relative last week, when politics came up. I was chatting just about 2 mins about politics, when she changed the subject, "Okay, let's talk about movies, now." I got off the phone, because, no....we're not gonna talk about movies, now. I love movies. I love movie trivia. I go to the movies frequently. But life isn't JUST movies.

The way a conversation works is...we talk about this, then we talk about that, then we talk about this. A particular interest of yours, then a particular interest of mine, then a particular interest of yours. Current events, politics, and elections are directly related to our lives.

If I have to listen to your description of your bouts of bronchitis week after week, then dammit, you can talk politics for five minutes. If you don't vote for Obama, you could see the payment for those bouts of bronchitis cut drastically (Medicaid). Or are you trying to prevent me from knowing that you don't have a thought in your head that isn't about YOU?

No kidding, I have relatives that I have no idea what political persuasion they are, or how they vote, or IF they vote!

I have quit answering the phone to some during the remainder of this election season. I have lost all tolerance with people who haven't a thought inside their fluffy heads that isn't about anything related to the world around them. They are BORING and intolerable. (They probably think that I am boring and intolerable, when I talk about politics.)

Then I think...well, maybe I take all this too seriously. Maybe I've taken this too far. I dunno. I can be a little excessive about some things. Are you all the same way?
And if this persons friends and relatives were voting for Romney, I'm sure he'd be very "tolerant"...