Ter (3,723 posts)

How come the 9/11 group on the old DU was so much more active?
Lots of daily topics, tons of posts. With the new DU, it was named a much better and broader name with Creative Speculation. So what happened?
MrMickeysMom (9,700 posts)
3. I have my theories...

The mod or mods "controlled" the 911 thread right the hell out of existence, because they couldn't stand the heat.

That is all.
zappaman (6,018 posts)
7. Bwhahahahahahahahaaha!

Tell us how active the truth movement is these days in real life.
Please....I need more laughs.
truebrit71 (16,266 posts)
23. Why don't you fuck off?

You have NOTHING to add to ANY of these discussions but sneering derision....take your bullying ass somewhere else why don't you?
hack89 (16,746 posts)
10. Chem trails got some old DU2 posters tombstoned here.

there seems to be much less tolerance for certain CT nuttery then there used to be
zappaman (6,018 posts)
12. I miss Spooked

He always had a way of heating up the 9/11 forum!
Spooked got tombstoned? Awww...

The Dungeon is pretty damn hard to find now. Took me a lot of digging to get to it, and it certainly shows with the lack of any real good material now a days.