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When calling out the RW 'chickenhawk' Romney's of this country...

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...the inevitable comeback from their RW sympathizers (and you can set a watch by it) is, "when did Obama serve?" or "when did Clinton serve?" or words to that effect.

They completely miss the main point which is the hypocrisy of advocating war-hawkish positions yet not spending one minute in military service themselves (or going AWOL like W).

They are either this stupid or purposefully trying to change the issue.
Either way the RW in this country are bottom-feeders of the worst kind.

here we go again.....the ol' chickenhawk meme.....jeeeeeeeeeeese.

gulliver (8,243 posts)
3. Yup, Romney and his fell Republican George W. Bush evaded the draft.

Obama and Clinton didn't.
Hey dumbass............they did not have a draft when obama was around.....(or atlease of legal age) and so that is not going to work.