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    Quote Originally Posted by djones520 View Post
    Did Bob Schieffer Say ‘Obama’ Bin Laden During Presidential Debate?

    Several TV anchors have made the embarrassing mistake of saying ‘Obama’ Bin Laden when referring to the former al-Qaida leader, but did CBS’ Bob Schieffer join that dubious club during the highly-watched third and final Presidential Debate Monday night? It depends on who you ask.

    During the debate, Schieffer stumbled over Osama Bin Laden's name while posing a question to Mitt Romney about Pakistan. The veteran CBS journalist said “Obama’s Bin Laden” which has people wondering if he started to say “Obama Bin Laden” before correcting himself mid-sentence, or if it was just an awkward reference to the late terrorist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    I am too partisan to be objective and I thought romney won last night but for the more objective people here where did Romney end up?
    Obama was more aggressive and for some that means he won. I thought Obama came off as petty. They both seemed to agree more than disagree, so I'm not sure how anyone "wins" a debate like that. With all that said, Romney did what he needed to do, namely come across as a credible commander and chief and not say anything crazy that will make housewives in Ohio think he is about to start a nuclear war with Iran and North Korea. Romney achieved that, so I'd say the election is his to lose at this point.

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    Obama has never behaved presidential, someone should send him a copy of this.
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
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    Quote Originally Posted by djones520 View Post
    The way I looked at it was there was two differant levels of expectation to determine the winner. Romney needed to not fail in order to win tonight. In regards to foreign policy, which is not the lead issue this election, he needed to show he was just as capable as Obama in handling the job. He did that.

    For Obama to be the clear winner (knock Romney down in the polls) he needed to show that Romney was an amateur when it came to the world stage. That he wasn't going to be able to hack it when it came to being face to face with his counterparts from around the world. I think he just ended up being counter productive in that with his attacks and gaffs on things like the Iraq SOFA and Romney's stance on the Auto bailout.

    The polls being conducted aren't viewing things that way though, so of course their going to give Obama the edge. He got more zingers in. This debate wasn't about who could throw more punches though.
    Excellent observations, however after reading all of the posts in this thread, I suspect that many here (regardless of ideology) who are missing the "big picture" when it comes to the debates.......

    First, historically those that the media state "won" debates rarely have any effect on the outcome of the an example, the MSM stated that GWB "lost" every debate that he participated in, and he managed to eek out two terms as POTUS.

    Second, and most importantly, debates are only a small part of the strategy of winning a presidential election. At best they provide a candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves to the electorate, and target their appeal to a specific group of voters. Let's face facts, unlike Obama, who appears to not really have a specific strategy (other than "tax the rich", and pander to'll notice that Obama never mentions creating jobs that are in non-union areas, he talks about teachers, and heavy construction/infrastructure jobs), Romney doesn't need to appeal to most of those here........he already has our votes.......he needs to focus his performance to appeal to those that are either undecided, or are Obama voters that are unhappy with his performance over his four years.

    Romney gained a big jump in popularity from the first (and most watched) debate, and when strategy is considered, all he needed to accomplish was to not really screw up, and let Obama do what Democrats usually do, which is generally act like petulant children, constantly interrupting, and attempting to shout down their opposition........this is really a very subtle win for Romney. Obama spent a good portion of his debate comments throwing "red meat" to his base, which is really a waste of time and will really gain him no additional votes

    In a debate where foreign policy is the primary focus, the challenger has a distinct disadvantage. The best approach is for events to unfold exactly like Romney guided them.......embrace the incumbent's successes, set himself up as presidential, a cool hand on the helm, a person that isn't a "loose cannon", and generally place themselves in a position to appeal to those voters that dislike confrontation and are weary of the long wars that we have been involved in. For better or worse, I think that he accomplished all of that, and more. He was successful in returning the conversation to the very single factor that will decide who is ultimately elected......the economy.......

    I suspect in a week we'll see a spike in Romney's poll numbers in total, and specifically women and "blue dog" Democrats. He's not stating it directly, however he's using the same tactics that Reagan did.......appealing to a broader spectrum of the political ideological range.

    Overall.......when all three debates are strategically considered, they were a big win for Romney........and in the process painted Obama as immature, inexperienced, combative, unprepared, and most importantly incompetent (without actually calling him thus). He managed all of those goals........

    It was a brilliant tactical move for Romney to avoid an actual confrontation with Obama on his failed policy decisions in Libya, and the resultant fallout over the resulting deaths of four Americans.......let the media hammer away at that, now that they can't avoid reporting on it, they will do the heavy lifting in this area.

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