Well, you knew no matter how Obama, or Romney for that matter, did in the debate that DU would say that Obama won, and would ridicule Romney.

What is amusing to watch is how they interpret Romney and Obama's thoughts and actions.



It would be incorrect to say Obama won tonight

It would be more correct to say that Obama *owned* Romney tonight.

It's now clear that the win was last week, that Romney broke Beldar at that time. I believe that the moment was at the "Please proceed, Governor" mark. That was when we first saw the fear in Romney's eyes, the realization that an uppercut was milliseconds from his head and his hands were stuck in his pockets. I've never seen Beldar look afraid like that.


My former Governor showed up tonight still looking afraid, looking all "please don't make it hurt again". This time the Mitt Flopper brought his "I'll do the same stuff that he'll do, just don't smack me down again" guise. While Obama was unable to get a claw deep into balled-up armadillo boy, there was still much violent batting around.


Hard to tell how this will end up in November, but it's clear that Romney's been roughed up good and has lost confidence.

3. Romney looked pathetic; simpering, flushing, exposed as a bumbling neophyte

just wish, however, that Obama had been able to interrupt that monologue toward the end and rebut some of
romney's lies; schieffer was hopeless and let R babble on.
They see what they WANT to see.



Romney was stunning.

Romney doesn't want to be President of the United States. He thinks he's running for President of the World. He has no concept of the sovreignty of nations. He has no understanding of history nor of the cultural inheritances that inform countries other than our own. In fact, important measures of our own history utterly escape him. If it doesn't appear in his accustomed spreadsheet it doesn't exist or it's irrelevant. His one skill is making money; his massive failure is his inability to comprehend that economies are not limited to money. His narrowness of vision, imposed on this nation, would render us incapable of functioning in a world where money is but one of many, many languages.

We had hoped that Sarah Palin would be the last worst example of inexcusable ignorance. Sadly, Mitt Romney presently captains a field of candidates who make Palin brilliant by default.

Horses and bayonets, indeed.

Tonight, here's what Ann Romney will probably say to Mitt

"Don't worry, honey, only 2 more weeks, then we can go back to our real lives."
It's clear that they are all about ridicule........it makes them as well as Obama when he does it.........look SMALL. Isn't it interesting that they THINK it makes them look big?