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I blocked Faux News on my hotel room's TV

Ok, it's not much and the hotel is in Springdale, UT next to Zion National Park (an outpost of Blue in a really, really Red state), but I feel better having saved the next occupant from the Rightwing drivel.

I don't know why I haven't been doing this before...
"Freedom of choice for me but not for you."

4. I put the parent lock on the big screen tv at our Eagles Lodge.

I was left alone with the remote just long enough to do it. It caused a little bit of a stink too. We bought that from a local independant aplliance place and eventually their tech fixed it. I never asked just how, that would give away it being me that did it maybe. Either he replaced the chip or got their tech support to override the PW. It was funny though. The half-wits were without FOX "News" for at least a month. That is mostly the old day time drunks that are into it. Later on it's all sports or the music is cranked up.

10. If you use Parental Controls on a TV like that,

Set the passcode to a jumble even you won't remember.

11. Good idea... I wish I had thought of that!

We should start doing it to every TV in every hotel room we stay in.

13. What about this idea?

Since you have the freedom not to watch...

1) Don't turn the channel to Faux.

2) Let the rest of the guests who stay in that room after you have access to any channel they want?
I don't know. Someone like this may not last long on DU.