I am shocked that my wife just said this:

Obama is a communist, he goes around the world apologizing and he wants America to be like Europe.

We have been married nearly three years, and although I know she's a Republican, I have never heard her say things like that before. I am appalled every time I hear somebody says those things. I think I am going crazy.
Wow, that must be a stong, loving relationship. His wife tells him something and the first thing he does is go to the internet and announce what she said to the DUmp.

1. please correct her!

ask her to produce evidence

2. I'm sorry, but I think your wife has been drinking the koolaid.

3. I feel sorry for you.

4. Don't let her

vote. I expect by next election that you will be able to turn her into a democrat.

7. uh oh. took ten years for hubby to start voting dem. kerry and obama twice.

it can happen.

8. Pull a Chris Mathews on her: Ask her to define "communist" and watch her sputter. nt

9. Obviously politics aren't central to your relationship. Or they weren't.

I can't imagine being married to someone who doesn't share my political/social justice perspective.

I don't envy you.
Walk away

10. Your first mistake was marrying Ann Coulter! nt

11. Tell her you were planning on taking her on a romantic trip to Europe but cancelled the tickets when you discovered how she feels about them over there.

12. Tell her the female leader of Teabaggers says

Women shouldn't vote. Convince your wife that the Tea lady is right.

13. Take some advice from an old guy

Never ever marry a Republican unless you are one.

14. Know a good lawyer?
Drunken Irishman

16. Divorce her.

18. You married Ann Coulter??

20. I'll never understand why people marry Republicans

21. If apologizing for our troops urinating on dead Muslims, whatever she wants to call it, I am guilty

too! Our politics have gotten waaay out of hand. Why can't we have frank discussion about the issues? Because we cannot even agree on what the facts are! Our media, which use OUR airwaves, produce nothing but propaganda. When I was young, we used to hear about how bad TASS, or whatever the Soviet media was called then, lied to the Soviet people. I could never have imagined it would happen here, but we have taken it to a new level. The powers that be do this intentionally b/c they OWN the media! They loot our tax dollars from the government no matter who is in office. Get your wife to sit with you, and you two start with what are the facts and go from there. Good luck!