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  1. #1 You know why maddow is deppressed? cause of this PPP POLL HERE 
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    You know why maddow is deppressed? cause of this PPP POLL HERE

    ppp just came out with a poll that sampled women 10 percent higher then men. 55-45 meaning that on election day women will vote 10 percent higher then men. PLEASE someone explain to me on what fucking planet in the history of our country have women EVER voted in that large number? not single time has there ever been a 5 percent margin LET A LONE 10 percent. then you have 41 percent democrats polled. 6 percent higher then repugs.. THATS a 16 point favor for a group of people that favor omaba. and WE ARE DOWN in this poll. He also has 45 percent approval rating.. which AGIAN no incombent has EVER won the presidency with lower then 50 percent approval rating. were 5 points below that. Romney is winning the indies by a large margin.

    If romney is up 2 points with all of those factors.. what happens if men and women turnout like they do in every election 51-49? thats 8 point loss and GOD help us if that 6 point dem turnout is lowered to 2-3 points. which basically means that gallup poll isnt so crazy.

    folks, bagela, maddow.. whatever you think of them as commentators have A LOT of connection to the obama campaign. they speak with the everyday folks there. THEY KNOW what the fuck is going on. they cant mention it on tv but there is a reason why maddow is deppressed. she knows were fucking losing this thing. WE NEED to be up in these polls by 7-8 points NOT DOWN 2. and that ABC poll that came out today? were down 4 points in the battleground states.

    im not going to stick my head in the sand.. iv put up with this shit long enough theres only 2 weeks more to the election and im not gonna pretend everything is great and how were winning.

    WE NEED to go scorched earth policy on romney. Tonights debate did a great job of that. fuck i thought romney was going to endorse obama for a second.

    But heres my plan.

    1. We use thirdy party hit squads like gloria alred. find ex maids , employs and pay them to tell there story. theres gotta be tons that romneys family esp that witch ann mistreated. this really worked well agianst meg whittman in california.
    2. 3rd party ads about mormonism and how they believe in space aliens and that jesus landed in utah and run those in states like ohio and NC and PA and Florida.
    3. Runs ads of the women who romney tried to force to have unwanted fetus. how he tried to bully her and threatend to kick her out of the church.
    4. runs ads of his son have a stake in voting machines
    5. run ads of him with the threat that hes going to round up mexicans and ask them for ids to prove there citizen. shit this is already happening in AZ.

    folks we need to go ape shit on romney. i swear i feel like im being led down the execution chamber with white lights while everyone keeps telling me "everything is going to be okay youll be safe now." while they lay me down and inject me full of cynide.
    For various reasons people don't like this op.
    gattaca82 (27 posts)

    22. cousin

    cousin just walked me back from the cliff

    just got of the phone with him. hes a pro obama lite that didnt even vote for obama 4 years ago. so hes not some obama hack.

    about the debate " dude obama wiped the floor with romney. dont look at any polls right now. wait till polls account for this ass kicking tonight "

    kind of made me feel better. a bit more calm now. but guys can you imagine where we would be if obama had a night like tonight the first night? i felt so confident in 08 and now im all jittery!! haha
    What'll it take to "walk them back from the cliff" if Romney wins November 6?
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    It will take Flaming Hot Cheetos to keep them off the brink. Lots of Flaming Hot Cheetos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    It will take Flaming Hot Cheetos to keep them off the brink. Lots of Flaming Hot Cheetos.
    There's gonna be a lot of crying buttholes on Nov. 7th.

    Take it as you will...
    In most sports, cold-cocking an opposing player repeatedly in the face with a series of gigantic Slovakian uppercuts would get you a multi-game suspension without pay.

    In hockey, it means you have to sit in the penalty box for five minutes.
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    It is what I have been saying the whole time - If they are over sampling Dems/women/latinos by that much and it is that close, or Romney is ahead; obama is seriously screwed.

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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