One wonders how these people grew up or what happened to make them so self centered and selfish to believe that anyone who has a different opinion is...evil and "other"? What makes someone pick up such a huge character flaw? They seem to congregate on DU.
Populist_Prole (1,880 posts)

It has occurred to me that this election's results will be a super accurate litmus test

Far more brutally frank than any pollster could ever figure out. It's such a stark contrast of positions between the two contenders, more than I've ever seen in my lifetime.

In Romney, here we have a candidate so flawed, so absolutely vile that no sensible voter could ever cast their lot with him:

The one percent after all actually is only one percent of voters as well, and not all of them are necessarily evil plutocrats. Those in the 99 percent that will vote for him will be a an excellent barometer at just how many of ( as a percentage of voters ) people that are wingnuts, ie: reactionaries/birthers/racists, religious fundamentalists, paranoid gun nuts and such. Sure, some of those groups will claim to have more cerebral reasons for supporting Mitt, usually taking the form of carrying water for the plutocrats...their price for being "fellow travelers"... and it is recognized that there will certainly be some overlap in the groups I mentioned. All that matters though is that when it comes down to action, all is those persons can do, as a bloc, is throw a lever ( or touch a screen )

It will be of much interest to me. It may be profoundly dismaying to me as well, even with an Obama win.

I look at it like a "let's all see where we stand" moment. Let's get it over with and find out.
XemaSab (56,487 posts)

3. I think the fundies are very distressed about Mitt as a candidate

The Mormon thing is a big part of it, but I think many of them are well aware of how scattered his policy positions have been, especially on gay rights and abortion. They want someone who believes that the bible is the founding document for America and for the laws of America, and they see a guy who has his finger in the wind.

I would be so not shocked if the percent of people going third party in this election hit 10%.