The stupid is strong with this thread.

scheming daemons (20,766 posts)

HERE is why Democrats are more nervous than Republicans

Because, deep down, most Republicans know that Obama is a capable president and the country would be OK even if Romney loses. A Romney win would be a pleasant surprise to them, but a Romney loss wouldn't crush them... they don't like him very much anyway.

But for us, a Romney win means the SCOTUS becomes more conservative. The safety net begins to go away. War in Iran is likely.

We KNOW that an Obama loss is devastating to the country and the world.

The rich will be OK no matter who wins. The poor and middle class will be destroyed if Obama doesn't win.

We have reason to be more nervous.
Berlum (1,364 posts)

1. A Romney stolen election means THEOCRACY

(Picture of people being baptized in a river)

You smelly UNBELIEVERS obviously need a Soul Enema,
and then to get baptized in THE ABSOLUTE (and copyright) TRUTH.
Schema Thing (8,269 posts)

3. Also, across the board, we're Democrats because we are smarter...

...and smarter people are just naturally more inclined to doubt.
CrispyQ (14,709 posts)

4. Goodbye reproductive rights

I hope young women AND men are paying attention! Do you want to control when you become a parent or do you think some religious whacko should take that decision away from you?
TexasCPA (262 posts)

8. A 25% chance of a Bush third term is very scary

Romney is just as dumb as Bush but speaks in a different accent.