They must be having a contest over at DU that onlythe delusional can take part in. The topic: How many liberal talking points can you fit into a 600 word screed.
McCamy Taylor (13,456 posts)

What Did Women Ever Do to Make Republicans Hate Us So Much?

In 1964, Barry Goldwater was too “extreme” for this country. In 2012, the mainstream media tells us that Mitt Romney is a “moderate.” That means his opinions and those of his political allies reflect the average view of the average Republican. So what does the “average” Republican think about women?

Judging from what GOP political candidates tell us this year, the party thinks that we are sluts dressed in short skirts who lead men on then cry rape after the seduction is over so we can get free abortions and/or child support from the state. That includes under-aged girls who are molested by their fathers. Those prepubescent Jezebels are the worst of the lot! The fact that they are still alive and in one piece after being sexually abused by an adult male proves that it was consensual! And those bleeding heart liberals want to encourage them in their lascivious ways by vaccinating them against HPV. If they catch venereal warts from their “rapist” (snicker) and get cervical cancer, it is all part of God’s plan to rid the world on one more daughter of Eve. And no woman should ever have access to birth control. If she does, she will feel free to lead even more good men into “sin”. Only the threat of divine punishment, i.e. pregnancy can make her keep her veil drawn and her knees together.

Moderate Mitt tells us that serial killers and mass murderers are the sons of unwed mothers. No wonder his party wants to slash Medicaid, the program that provides prenatal care for low income women and then pediatric care for their children. Who wants to coddle a future mass murderer/serial killer? Better to stunt the little killers in the womb. Maybe that way they will be too weak to wield an assault rifle.

What about women who do not live in poverty? What about those of us with professional jobs, good incomes and health insurance? If we believe what old Moderate Mitt tells us, there are no women qualified for these kinds of positions. If we achieve anything in life (besides giving birth to a bunch of babies), it is because some man has been generous. So, how dare we demand equal pay for equal work? There is no way that a woman’s work could ever measure up to that of a man!

And don’t get them started on old woman, whose spouses are dead and whose children have grown. Social Security and Medicare are un-American! That LBJ was some kind of freaking communist, worrying about his grandma. Nature intended women to wed, produce and rear lots of babies---and then die, so that they can serve their husbands/priests/deities in the afterlife.

Men are allowed to get old and bald and fat, but a woman’s worth is based upon her looks. Women are here to look good for their husbands. If sickness or old age robs them of their youth and beauty, then their husbands have a god given right to take another wife. The Lord hates an old, ugly woman almost as much as he hates sluts who allow themselves to be raped. Forget about men who commit stock fraud and who create Ponzi schemes. The real criminal is a woman with thick ankles.

If the views above are now "moderate", I shudder to think what the future will be like. Will they put "shrewish" wives in stocks? Make rape victims wear a big Scarlet A? Make us take pregnancy tests before we travel to states where abortion is still available on demand?