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Texas warns it could prosecute OSCE poll monitors

LOS ANGELES The southern US state of Texas has warned it could prosecute election observers from the OSCE, a global body that regularly monitors voting around the world, if they try to visit polling stations next month.

In a letter to the election-monitoring head at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Texas attorney general Greg Abbott said the group's views on the November 6 US elections were "legally irrelevant."

And he warned that OSCE observers, deployed for White House and other election races in two weeks' time, will not be allowed to come wthin 100 feet of a polling station in the famously no-nonsense state.


Good....I hope the AG does do that. But i think some dummies need to learn more before they open their mouths:

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5. And TX could end up in some hot water.

I believe we are dealing with some international treaties here and they would then have the full force of Federal Law.