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If orders to stand down are disobeyed, the administration can punish them. But remember the Nuremburg trials, when the Germans were finally brought to trial for not standing up to commands that were clearly wrong?
That's an excellent observation. Liberals have no past memory, and have no ability to estimate the future. They only see what gratifies them in the present.

Translating that into politics mean that they never learn from the mistakes of them or others. Then conservatives have to come along and fix the mess.

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There obviously are some involved who realize the evil of this cover up and refusal to stand by our people in harms' way. I guess Fox is one of the few to get these leaks. I'm sure if some of the MSM media outlets got this information, they'd call the evil administration and rat out the leaks. I never, ever thought that I'd see things going on like this in our country,
I'm sure that the MSM had the same information. But since the MSM is in bed with this adminisration, well`, y'know..........