SR and two of our friends were at brunch at a pleasant little open air restaurant (I guess you could call it that) by the water off Casey Key, the Casey Key Fish House. We were talking about the upcoming election and our exalted leader. They both are Dems, but said that they have changed their mind with everything that is being revealed. He's ex law enforcement.

The wife asked if we thought that the military generally would back the existing president as he is their CIC, or if they would support a Republican. I told her that most of the members of the military that I've encountered through business almost overwhelmingly did not support the Dems, particularly Clinton and Obama. I said that I thought both of those presidents did not treat the military with the proper respect.

Some woman (my friend and I checked her as she left and we thought she had boobs) leaned across the aisle between tables and began grilling us. We weren't talking to her, but she kept up her socialist screed. She said that I probably only talked to officers, but that the non commissioned probably would support the dems. I was getting really aggravated at that point, because she started ranting about her wide travel experiences and how she knew everything.

I've been in a bad mood with all this crap about the handling of Libya by the administration and was in no mood to suffer fools. She just kept it up and kept it up. Our friend kept replying to her. The woman identified herself as retired military. Her partner seemed to be very embarassed. When I turned around to get a good look at who was with her, the woman cringed and said that she didn't like talking about this. Nothing deterred the socialist rant of the other woman. She liked Obama because he's going to give free stuff, which we of course all deserve.

Finally I had enough and did a quickie paragraph on how capitalism is, or was, the foundation of our country and a bunch of people sitting around waiting for their handout wouldn't turn us around. She kept it up about how wonderful Europe is.

Before I would totally blow up (and I just wanted a quiet, relaxing lunch by the water), I turned my back on her and said that I'd like to resume the conversation between the 4 friends. She kept it up with my friend and dragged out way too many personal facts from her.

Why is it that libs think that they can rudely listen to people's conversations and interject themselves into those talks? The woman was rude and deluded. They finally left, with the quiet one sort of slinking out of there. The aggressive, "male" partner led the way to their boat. Apparently, somewhere along the way, they acquired some cash to afford that boat.

Oh, well, rant over.