The Delusional one!!!

Thu Nov 1, 2012, 08:50 AM
wilt the stilt

The death of Reagan-The evil one

Thirty two years ago the most evil vile person was elected to the presidency of our country. He brought with him greed,lying,hate and racism and it was all disguised as a genial old man. This evil one smiled and told stories and many worshiped him but he left a stink that has lasted many years and it all came out in full force with the election of Barack Obama.
Four years ago we elected a man who loves and cares for all Americans regardless of their means or their religion or the sexual orientation. Even when all the hate is directed at him he rises above it. He truly wants everyone to succeed and live a happy life. We may never have seen a man like this before in the white house. I am hoping he changes this country for the better.

I think Chris Christie saw it upfront. I actually think he made Christie a believer and Christie is now questioning his allegiance to Romney.

Mr. Obama please kill the evil one and may that horrible stain that has washed over America be gone forever.

Reelect the president.
We'll see DUmmies.

Man, Tuesday night is gonna be a scream!!!