And aside from the Republicans & Democrats running, here are some of the more colorful parties on my ballot:

NJ Justice Party-This is all you need to know about this loon of a party:
Even while being Mayor of Salt Lake City, since 2003 he strongly protested the Iraq War, advocated relentlessly for impeachment, called for stopping Torture, worked to end poverty , to improve education and make it available for all, tirelessly worked for reducing greenhouse gases and stopping global warming, to stop Human Rights abuses by providing universal healthcare and immigration reform.
American Third Position-Basically the skinhead party. Again, loons.

NSA Did 911-Just what it says. The Truthers have their own party. It's really sad when the Green Party is a reasonable choice by comparison of these loony parties.

Socialism & Liberation-Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what their ideology is.

Then there are the usual suspects of the Socialist Workers Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, and the Libertarian Party, who are last on my ballot.