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Math, Science, and Computer Students: The Energy Sector Wants You
Education varies for future energy jobs, from needing a high school diploma to an advanced degree

While much of the energy sector's hiring over the next decade will involve skilled and unskilled labor to operate drill rigs and tractor trailers, college grads with technical and advanced degrees will be needed to fill lucrative positions as engineers, scientists, and technicians.

America's Job-Rich Energy Future

“The State of American Energy,” a new report from American Petroleum Institute, a trade organization representing almost 500 oil and natural gas companies, confirms what the headlines have been saying: our energy industry is in the middle of a renaissance. And if unshackled by the Obama Administration, this oil and gas resurgence could expand to kick-start the entire economy.

Shale Energy Is Powering Growth and Jobs

Shale energy — natural gas and oil extracted from rock formations — is a game changer for the American economy and our energy future. Why? Because the shale revolution is already driving tremendous job creation, energizing our sluggish economy and pumping greater revenues into government coffers. And shale can significantly strengthen our energy security and move us toward North American energy independence.