Guess who???

Thu Nov 1, 2012, 08:35 PM

Disaster Preparadness

I have heard way too many excuses, so here is what we do.

We always try to have about six cans of tuna, I buy more when we get down to two... always cycle

Six cans translates to two lunches and two dinners if need be. And of course we always have chips at home.

We always have food bars, which again serve as a meal replacement... since that is what I have in my back pack for covering news stories... we buy them at the price club, a box of nuts (rich in protein) and fruit, and a box of larabar bars. These things we get more when they get close to four bars left.

Right there, we have enough food, nothing luxurious, to eat for three days if need be, and to share. The nuts... bars, also can feed the two parrots.

Now water, we have a case in the trunk, and four gallons upstairs. Again this is cycled.

I just listed to you all the water and food needed for two adults to make it through three days.

We also have a flashlight each in our shooting vests we use as reporters. (And I have one in my keychain)

We also have a solar charger for the phone, ipad and the rest of the electronics... in fact just got one that now lives in my take to fires and other stories backpack... I expect to share it with evacuees, serious.

There is a radio siting by my side. It is also capable of being hand cranked and charging devices

And these are as basic as supplies get.

But the food and the water, read that list. It is spartan as hell, not luxurious at all... but it is what you need.

We have more than just that, but I am pretty sure we will have to share with some of my elderly neighbors.
Thank you nadin, I don't know what we'd do without you!!!!