bigtree (46,248 posts)

Just as predicted, Romney goes right off of the edge of sanity and decency

What an utterly despicable ad . . .
How twisted is that. Obama tells people go go out and vote for revenge. Where I come from someone only wants "revenge" on an opponent they hate and resent, and they want and do it out of juvenile immaturity.

Romney points out that this is what Obama said and he (Romney) says not to vote out of revenge but to vote out of love for country.

DUers call that a "despicable ad". They could always dish out the hatred, but don't like being called on it.

Nothing has changed except now it is the leader of their party, the president initiating and encouraging it.

Bettie (869 posts)

3. Desparation

That's what it looks like!
It sounds to me more like the person who has to encourage supporters to vote for revenge is it one who is desparate.
Mass (23,401 posts)

5. Not the ad of a campaign that is winning...
bigtree (46,248 posts)

7. it's the best they've got

. . . this 'Trumped-up' belief that they can win by throwing out each and every low blow; lie; insult; slander; and to leave nothing in their lowball arsenal unused. Kind of the wet dream they have about the U.S. military untethered in Vietnam by the politicians who brought the war to an end: Just throw as much firepower and drop as many cluster bombs as they're able and hope they can emerge to stand on top of the rubble.
BumRushDaShow (11,049 posts)

6. I will vote to remove the EVIL that is trying to take over this nation

Rmoney IS Satan personified. And his sick delusional followers must be beaten back.

We also must reclaim our states. It should have been happening alongside this election and it must CONTINUE over the next several elections. Take back the state legislatures and governorships. Our state residents CANNOT continue to be "intermittent or occasional voters".