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    Another Republican called me a coward.

    I was canvassing for the Democratic party here in Northern Virginia this morning. NOVA is a relatively sane part of the state, and I would say the responses I received were about 60-40 in favor of our candidates, but most of the 40% Republican leaners were civil. But not all of them. One gentleman, maybe 40 years old, informed me that he could never vote for any Democrat, because they all want to "surrender to the devils who attacked us" and will lose "the war on terror" (He actually said "surrender to the devils who attacked us".) I told him that actually, Barack Obama wants to go after the people who DID attack us, and those people are in Afghanistan. He replied, "You sound like one of those 'get out of Iraq' cowards". I politely responded that yes, I would like to see our troops out of Iraq and asked if that made me a coward. He snapped, and began shouting "You're damned right it does! If you and your chickenshit friends don't have the guts to stand up for this country, then get out of the way of us who do!" (I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote.) By now, I was a little pissed so I asked if he was a veteran. He said, "No, but that has nothing to do with it, I'm a patriot!"
    It was at this point I decided fuck it, we're not picking up a vote here, so it's game on. I said, "What the hell do you mean "us", cowboy? Then I took out a laminated copy of my service record. (And thank you BOSSHOG! He recommended back in '06 that I carry a copy of it with me when doing campaign work, and this was the first time it paid off.) "This is my DD-214. You don't know what that is, because you don't have one." I then showed him the lines which indicate that I am authorized to wear the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Bronze Star with "V" for valor, and two purple hearts. I finished with, "Now, would you like to call me a coward again, asshole?", then turned, stepped off his porch, and walked away. He didn't even have time to slam the door.
    So, do you think I at least moved him into the "undecided" column? Me neither.
    This guy claims to carry his laminated DD-214 around with him, in case some nasty Republican questions his patriotism. Oh, and he has the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Bronze Star with "V" for valor, and two purple hearts.

    He reminds me so much of TiT that I checked his screen name twice to make sure it wasn't our other beloved "war hero".

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