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  1. #1 BREAKING: GOP stealing ballots with "Victory Vans" 
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    Mon Nov 5, 2012, 11:48 AM

    BREAKING: GOP stealing ballots with "Victory Vans"

    Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 11:53 PM PST
    BREAKING: GOP stealing ballots with "Victory Vans"
    by BeerNotWar

    Here in King County Washington Democrats are raising a red flag calling attention to shady Replican efforts to intercept our ballots by luring voters to drop their ballots in "Victory Vans" touring the county. Washington is 100% vote-by-mail so voters fill out their ballots at home then deliver them to state dropoffs or send them in by mail. But the GOP has created special "Victory Vans" to collect ballots before they can ever reach these official delivery sites.

    If you think you can trust the GOP with your ballot, I assure you, you cannot. Nobody in King County should hand their ballot to someone in a Republican "Victory Van," but should only drop off their ballot at an official state ballot collection site. This is critical for close state races such as the one for Governor where both Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna need voters in King County. Republican McKenna needs just enough Democrats in King County to vote for him, or not vote, to defeat Inslee. This, I suspect, is the Replublican game. Once they have the ballots they could be disposed of or even altered. I wish this were a completely irrational belief, but Republicans have demonstrated their unwillingeness to allow democracy to function if it won't result in a victory for their candidate. If you think I'm crazy then please explain why the hell they have vans running around in a massively Democratic county collecting ballots. Why would they spend the money to do that?
    Too bad the KOS kid link doesn't work as well as some pic links I clicked on...
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    But somehow NAACP reps actively campaigning inside a voting station in Houston is a-ok
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    Soon ve vill have you in zee reeducation camps! Mwah ha ha ha!
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    GOP stealing ballots with "Victory Vans"
    That's great. Let me know if they need any additional drivers.
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