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    Today in History
    November 5

    1219 The port of Damietta falls to the Crusaders after a siege.
    1556 The Emperor Akbar defeats the Hindus at Panipat and secures control of the Mogul Empire.
    1605 Guy Fawkes is betrayed and arrested in an attempt to blow up the British Parliament in the "Gunpowder Plot." Ever since, England has celebrated Guy Fawkes Day.
    1653 The Iroquois League signs a peace treaty with the French, vowing not to wage war with other tribes under French protection.
    1757 Frederick II of Prussia defeats the French at Rosbach in the Seven Years War.
    1768 William Johnson, the northern Indian Commissioner, signs a treaty with the Iroquois Indians to acquire much of the land between the Tennessee and Ohio rivers for future settlement.
    1814 Having decided to abandon the Niagara frontier, the American army blows up Fort Erie.
    1840 Afghanistan surrenders to the British army.
    1854 British and French defeat the Russians at Inkerman, Crimea.
    1862 President Abraham Lincoln relieves General George McClellan of command of the Union armies and names Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside commander of the Army of the Potomac.
    1872 Susan B. Anthony is arrested for trying to vote.
    1911 Calbraith P. Rodgers ends first transcontinental flight–49 days from New York to Pasadena, Calif.
    1912 Woodrow Wilson is elected 28th president of the United States.
    1914 France and Great Britain declare war on Turkey.
    1917 General John Pershing leads U.S. troops into the first American action against German forces.
    1930 Sinclair Lewis becomes the first American to win a Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel Babbit.
    1935 Parker Brothers company launches "Monopoly," a game of real estate and capitalism.
    1940 President Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected for third term.
    1968 Richard Nixon is elected 37th president of the United States.
    1968 Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn, New York, becomes the first elected African American woman to serve in the House of Representatives.

    Born on November 5
    1855 Eugene V. Debs, American Socialist leader and first president of the American Railway Union.
    1885 Will Durant, historian and author.
    1913 Vivien Leigh, British actress famous for her role as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind.
    1918 George Sheehan, cardiologist well known for his book Running and Being.
    1942 Art Garfunkel, American singer, one half of "Simon and Garfunkel."
    1943 Sam Shepard, American playwright and actor.
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    1806 - The United States and Spain signed an agreement established the Neutral Ground. The area was awarded to the United States by the Adams-Onís Treaty in 1821.

    1949 - Lubbock Air Force Base was renamed Reese Air Force Base in honor of Augustus Reese. Reese, a native of Shallowater, TX, was a casualty of World War II.

    1960 - In Milano, TX, singer Johnny Horton died in a car accident.

    1988 - In Mesquite, TX, President Reagan attended a Victory '88 Rally at Mesquite Rodeo Center.

    2009 - At Fort Hood, near Kileen, TX, Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 30 others.
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