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  1. #1 Most of my republican friends are really democrats and don't know it. 
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    OK...they are really getting stupid now.

    Mon Nov 5, 2012, 02:39 PM
    tavernier (235 posts)

    Most of my republican friends are really democrats and don't know it.

    It's like Voldemort put a Confundus spell on them!

    We have had thousands of conversations having nothing to do with politics. In the course of these conversations I've learned that they all believe in science; they all think that the earth and its inhabitants have evolved through the ages; they all agree that the earth is warming and "those poor polar bears" will soon be extinct; they all would respect a fellow neighbor's decision to end a pregnancy if her life was threatened; they all live fully or partially on social security which they all (rightly) feel they have earned.

    In my opinion that makes them democrats. But come election time... "Oh no, I've always voted republican. All my family have."

    Where is Dumbledore when you need him??

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Even the polar bears are voting R this year.
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    6. I know some people like that:

    Totally OK with gay marriage and think gay rights are important; are pro-choice; have little use for religious fundamentalists, etc, etc. But they consider themselves Republicans and vote thusly. I don't get it.
    Serious answer:

    Maybe because the Democrats keep nominating horrible candidates, that just simply come across as liars/bad people? It's not like Obama fulfilled any of his campaign promises... remember halving the deficit in his first term? I guarantee you if Obama actually pulled that off (or even didn't grow it), or if Obama didn't bail out banks/wall-street (or maybe if he held corrupt bankers/hedge fund managers accountable for the trillions in tax dollars they were given), or if Obama didn't rampantly expand US domestic spying authority... it would be a completely different story. Or maybe if Obamacare wasn't a payout to private insurance companies.

    Not only did Obama dig us deeper into debt, he did so by paying out wall-street and banks after they caused the economic in the first place! And then he let them sit on the money and give themselves bonuses, rather than actually using the money as intended to "rescue" the economy! He then spent money, not on universal healthcare, but instead on forcing people to enter a contract with private corporation! Which we foot the bill for! How exactly is this morally superior to Bush who dug us into debt through nation building?

    You talk about Republicans being the party of corporate handouts to the already-wealthy...

    And on civil liberties, all those horrible things that Bush implemented (and they were pretty horrible), Obama was easily 10 times worse. Expanding executive authority? Domestic spying? Warrantless wiretaps? 10 times worse than Bush.
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