I for one believe Romney should take tomorrow.

But for the sake of it, with the polls being so tight, it could go ether way. I know you much like I have seen the D+6 or D+11 polls showing Obama up by 4 or tied. And we all have said, they are not right and thus Romney should be the winner.

But in the event those polls were right, and Obama does squeak by, life will go on. We all know what it means, but I think we all can say, the GOP has put in a great attempt.

I know if Romney loses, the following week, the finger pointing like when McCain lost will start. Back then it was Palin's fault, or McCain didn't try hard enough, or what have you. But this time around, I can't see much I would have preferred Romney had done different. Great VP pick, strong ground effort, marvelous debates. I know some would have had preferred some one else, more conservative, but thinking back to 1980's when it was Reagan, he at the time was not our preferred choice ether. Many calling him too liberal. The saying goes, hind sight is 20/20, but we all don't know what Romney was seeing with the internal polls, or knew. Its easy to say he should have done this or done that afterwards, but if it was that easy, then why are none of us president or wealthy now if we our selves knew better in how to win it?

Guess what I'm saying, I've got my fingers crossed, lucky rabbits feet all around, doing every thing to bring some luck tomorrow so we can save whats left of our country.

I'll have to work tomorrow late, I'll be DVRing BSNBC in the event Romney does win, but will watch FOX for the confirmation of who actually won so I don't have to see those idiots bragging if Obama won. If Romney does win, then I'll have some comic gold to watch later for my leisure. If not, I'll have some drinking to do.