Lets start off with this.

Philly Activist Group Shreds GOP Voter Registrations+




Official GOP poll workers being refused entry to polls in Philly. Election Day chaos

GOP Inspectors ejected in Philly. W43 D14.

More GOP Inspectors being forced out of polling places in Philly. Wards 32, 40, 43, 56.

Over 25 precincts have ejected Official GOP Inspectors in Philly

Black Panthers are at the polls in Philly. 14th Ward.

Chaos in Philly. Dozens of GOP inspectors forced from polls. Black Panthers patroling poll in 14th Ward. What next?

Black Panther Jerry Jackson is back at a Philly pollimg location.

GOP poll inspector physically assaulted in Philly

Over 60 GOP Inspectors forced out of polls in Philly. One woman was attacked.

Philly courts order polling places to allow GOP inspectors to return. Polls not complying. Sheriff's Deps being sent to enforce. Chaos.

Absolute mayhem in Philly. Sheriff's Deputies being sent to protect GOP inspectors at the polls.