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Black Panther reported at the polls in... Cleveland.

Philly, Ward 62: Election Official caught ripping pages out of a pollbook. Investigator from DA's office on the scene.


Side note, retired Navy Seals are heading to various polling locations to keep an eye on the Black Panthers.
My patience is wearing thin, anxiety going up. I've been waiting for a biopsy for an unusual inflamed spot on my back for about 2 1/2 weeks. The local lab didn't know, the thing was then sent to NYC, and the lab finally got back up today. I'm very nervous, as the doc is supposed to call me personally. That gets me very nervous, so all this blatant cheating stuff is getting to me more than usual. If I sound more than a little partisan, I apologize, but will never apologize for despising the Obama regime and all it represents.