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Not to mention army officers having their security clearances properly vetted so that the powers that be can prevent jihadis from gaining access.

There are several issues. First, as Tx pointed out, there is a significant difference in the types of benefits and awards that the casualties are entitled to. Mobilized Reservists under Title 10 who are wounded by enemy action are awarded Purple Hearts, and have status as wounded combat veterans that victims of workplace violence do not.

Second, by pretending that Hasan's rampage was simply a matter of "workplace violence", we sweep a host of failures under the rug. Hasan had been growing more radical in his conduct and language, often haranguing patients with jihadi talking points. His chain of command was afraid to pull his clearance or otherwise take precautions against this, precisely because they feared reprisal in the PC climate. The report on the attack omits his motivation, which was Islamic jihad. When a subsequent Muslim Soldier demanded (and received) a discharge as a conscientious objector, the army doubled down on craven PC. Instead of arguing that Islam is compatible with military service in the US and loyalty to the Constitution, the powers that be conceded the jihadi's arguments that the US is waging war on Islam, despite our desperate attempts to argue otherwise. That's the kind of intellectual failure that cedes critical ground to our enemies, who we cannot even name.

Finally, by avoiding the designation of terrorism, the administration also evaded another critical truth, which is that Hasan is more than a murderer. The Constitutional definition of treason is to levy war against the United States. Hasan took up arms against American Soldiers because he chose to side with our enemies. The inability to call this treason is one of the intellectual failings of our elites, who routinely disdain patriotism. The fact is, there are too many people in this country who are uncomfortable with loyalty to the United States, and who don't see the big deal in siding against America during wartime. They don't understand the concept of treason because they are indifferent to their identity as Americans. Nidal Hasan, John Walker Lindh, Naser Jason Abdo, Antonio Martinez (AKA Muhammad Hussain), Anwar al-Awlak, John Walker Lindh and every other American citizen who has taken up jihad against the United States, need to be treated, not just as criminals or psychopaths, but as agents acting on behalf of a hostile foreign ideology and part of a concerted effort to overthrow the Constitution of the United States. We need to reestablish that citizens of the United States owe loyalty to the nation. For many of our elites, that's too much to ask.
I have no argument with what you've posted.

The only compensation difference service connected disability and Combat service connected disability compensation is the Retirement pay offset IF the Soldier retires with at least 20 yrs of service. The Awards qualifier doesn't change The rest is just politics having no impact on the victims beyond platitudinal status unworthy of anyone seeking or desiring it.