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  1. #1 My daughter voted for Mitt today 
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    Tue Nov 6, 2012, 02:03 PM

    My daughter voted for Mitt today

    in Colorado…I know her husband is military but I think he lied to her. He worked at pentagon last 3 years and told her that Obama lied about about the military being okay with the budget cuts.

    She went on and on about how the cuts did effect them. He told her that advisors to Obama told the generals stuff that proved not telling the truth.

    I have no proof but I think her husband twisted things or the generals did. They are the ones who turned my son n law from a dem over the 3 years to a republican. Then he worked on my daughter until she changed.

    I couldn't believe she said she had to vote to keep her rights as a woman. I said I can't believe you said that since Mitt wants to take all of our rights away….when I said that or anything that made my points she would change the subject.

    I will have to admit, with him being a officer I was surprised they stayed dems as long as they did. I feel sick to stomach after my conversation with her.

    She said the lines are long in her area, she is outside Colorado Springs area. I just hope the people up north in Denver area come out stronger!
    Sounds like a DUmmie's daughter grew up.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    If you're inside the military, you know how much of what politicians say is complete bullshit.
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    I'd like some lurking DUmmie to cover here and tell me, constitutionally, how a president can take any right away from women. (Maybe a drone strike?)
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