1. To never help a liberal unless they are a family member. As an example, if you are wearing an Obama/Biden shirt and you are on fire, I won't even piss on you to help put out the fire.
2. I will never again donate money to a large charity again. That means when the American Red Cross calls because they need money to help cloth and feed a liberal in the northeast because they got hit with a hurricane, I will tell them to contact FEMA because that is what they voted for tonight. They want help from me? Fuck you. When I donate money it will go to certified conservative charities.
3. I will not ever support a small business man or woman who supports either democrats or liberal causes. Sure boycotting Microsoft or Levi Strauss is not worth the time but boycotting leftwing small businesses can make a difference. If a small business owner loses local customers because they donate or support democrats, maybe it will teach them to not support that shit anymore. Campaign donations are public records...use them to punish liberals.
4. I will double my efforts to make sure I am debt free because when inflation hits, it is going to hurt.
5. I am seriously going to start hiding my money and I AM going to start working under the table more. Liberals tonight voted to increase all taxes on all the countries makers. I refuse to give the takers anymore than what I can get away with.

What ARE YOU going to do?