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Nope, just a realist. I will never give anymore of my money to a charity that doesn't demand something in return. I will give to the Salvation Army because they are a christian charity and when I give locally, for the most part, the money stays local. However, I will never again look past party affiliation. With the exception for family members, if you are a liberal, don't ask me for help. Call someone else on your Obama phone.

If you like seeing the results of your charitable donations, the Salvation Army is the way to go. I'm a liberal, but I'm honest. I see the good the SA does in Detroit on a daily basis-by their own terms, without government money. They provide food to the poor and they don't give up on drug addicts, unlike a lot of secular programs.

If you were in Michigan, I'd also suggest donating to Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, another faith-based program to help the homeless, the hungry and the addicted. They also take no government money, so they create their own rules and policies.