Turn your monitor off, go get some sleep. It was a long day, we're all dissapointed with the outcome.

But we need to remember something. The sun will rise in the morning. Your life will still be moving along. The Founding Fathers gave us a tool to exact change in our country. We just used it. In two years we will use it again, and two years following that again. Sometimes the tool will work for us, sometimes it will not. Whatever happens because of it, we cannot control. We can just live with it as best we can.

So everyone should take a deep breath, let it out, and just go on remembering that life is not all about what happens in Washington DC. Sure, things may change for the worse, but you did what you could, now it's best to just accept it and continue on with life, and wait for that next chance to get those tools out again.

Or you can continue to be angry, hate the world, wail impotently, and gnash your teeth.

Do what you want, but I for one am just going to accept the situation we're in and continue on with my life. I feel I'll be much happier that way.