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Irrelevant. Ronald Reagan today would be painted as a complete right-wing whacko. A pre-homicidal Timothy McVeigh. The American sheeple would buy it hook, line sinker.

Obama won because most women and minorities are fucking lazy parasites now.
Ronald Reagan was not a right wing whacko. While many of us didn't agree, many thought he was charismatic- to the point at which people voted against their own interest and said stupid shit like, "Well... I voted for President Reagan because he made me feel good about being an American." No one questioned who Ronald Reagan was. We may not have liked him, or thought he was a great intellect, but you knew what you were getting. Can you honestly say that the American people knew what they would be getting in Romney?

Ronald Reagan also had a "home state". He was from Illinois and he had made California his home in a big way. Romney came off as some kind of rootless gypsy billionaire. I think that one of his mistakes was in buying the house in California. It confused people, who weren't real sure which state was supposedly his home state- and he didn't carry any of them (except Utah of course).