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And don't forget to go to sleep for the next 4 years but wake up ready to cast your ballot again in 2016 for probably Chris Christie. You'll probably fall in line then too.
You do know I'm a registered Libertarian, right? However, unlike the rest of those unrealistic idiots, I know that no Libertarian is going to win in a national election...ever. The real fight is in local elections where most are non-partisan elections. But noooo, they gotta go for the brass ring right off. In actuality, aside from Romney not running a stronger campaign in October, I blame the Libertarian right and the Tea Party for not backing him. Romney is far better than what we have now and we're stuck with this for the next 4 years. By 2016, the debt is going to be so deep there will be no digging out. The depression is going to seem like a Sunday school picnic when all is said and done.