Obama is in a trap of his own making and it will soon snap shut on him. If Romney had won he would have been caught by the same trap, and would have been blamed. I will explain.

If Obama continues to run up the national debt (Does anybody think he won't?) he runs the risk of economic collapse, and he will get the blame he so richly deserves.

If he tries to balance the budget he will have to impose austerity measures which will mean serious budget cuts to entitlement programs. He has greatly increased the number of people who are getting gov't handouts. Those folks have become dependent upon the gov't and will riot when the welfare checks bounce. They are his base and will be highly upset.

So he will be damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't, and the situation is his own doing. He can't blame it on Bush anymore.

If Romney had won, he would have had to choose austerity and he would be viewed with hostility as a mean man, instead of as a person trying to save America.

Obama made the mess. Let him have to deal with it and get the blame.

Four years from now the public will be throughly sick of Socialism - I hope.