Obama's economic policies are ruinous. As he continues to run up huge national debt, the interest payments on those debts will become a greater strain on the economy. The buyers of our debt will begin to lose confidence in our ability to make payments, resulting eventually in noone buying our debt. Since our money is backed by nothing at all, Obama will order more money to be printed, and more, and more. Hello, hyperinflation. Hello complete collapse of the economy.

Due to folks hyperinflation trucks and trains will stop, people won't go to work at power generation plants, or anywhere else. Drinking water, in most cities depends upon electricity. With the power grid down there won't be any water. Food deliveries to city stores stop and the stores sell bare amid panic buying. Then folks start dying of thirst and later, starvation. If they live long enough.

How long until we begin the fall?

I am guessing about three years.