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Sooooo to you if it didn't happen in your own little life circle, it didn't happen? So to you it was appropriate to have a mural of Obama 6" from voting machines? It was perfectly OK for registration forms from republican voters to be shredded? Oh, and just because there wasn't a Black Panther at your polling place doesn't mean they weren't out there...or do you think this picture is part of some conspiracy theory?

As for the rest of my theory, am I really that off base? It's happening. The masters now are the moochers who aren't going to do anything to contribute to society except leach off of it at the producers expense.

All I was saying was what I saw, at my polling place, in metro Detroit. That's all I can say, as I can't be thousands of places all at once. Anything else you assume I said is your projection.

All I see in that photo are 3 elderly african-americans. Nothing I'd find threatening.