Anybody wonders.

I’m taking a hiatus from floating over the internet in search of common sense. I find it a very elusive target and an extremely uncommon characteristic thereabouts.

Yes, the steepening of the slide of the USA into oblivion on 11/6/12 is one cause. It is just one more of life’s harassments that I plan to insulate myself from. I still have confidence that my cache of cash will see me and the Missus through the end of our lives but even more than before, I’m glad I’m old and don’t have to watch this collapse a whole lot longer.

If I find any good funnies, I’ll swing in and add to the humor forum. When I find another nail in the owlboring coffin to bury the shattered hockey stick and other such fallacies of AGW, I will likewise come over to add to the CU weather channel.

I don’t expect to be contributing that much to the history forum since my presence will be far from daily. And, Rock, don’t expect me to toss any grenades into the (Un)civil war discussion. I have enjoyed educating the woefully ignorant on many subjects but trying to educate the willfully ignorant causes too much tension and I don’t have to put up with that.

SR & SLW – This place is greyt and I value folks like you who take the time and effort to supply some of us dissatisfied and rebellious old goats a place to play.

I have what I consider to be hard evidence that the little o won 4 years ago because he was black. That evidence is not present in this election. What is present is evidence that the refusal of die-hard “my way of the highway” right wingers to support Mitt, objectionable as he was, gave this election to the little o.

The weather is becoming fit for more yard work, landscaping, the fall garden and doing some furniture refinishing so, at least until the snow flies in SE Texas, I’ll see ya’ll occasionally but probably not real often.

May the magic zero rot in hell.

Special request: If any news hits about AA, good or bad, please send me a note.