I hope all of you and the Republican 'establishment' have finally learned that 'moderate' Republicans DO NOT win national elections. I tried to say this to all of you during the primaries, only to get trashed as a DU troll and get my threads moved and/or deleted.

Now we are stuck with 4 more years of Obumbler! I hope all you 'moderates' are happy now. As a social conservative, I now realize the culture war is over. Once Obama selects two more Supreme Court justices, Obamacare will be locked in place, abortions will be unfettered, our borders will be wide open, and people may even be legally allowed to marry their dogs, for all I know. All because the Republican 'establishment' forced a 'moderate' down our throats.

The only thing that we should try to do now is throw out the Republican 'establishment'. The elites that run the party are the real problem, NOT the grassroots.

I hope there are still free elections in 4 years.