Anybody else listen to Mark Levin today? He's having a meltdown.

He thinks that 3 million republicans stayed away from the polls because Romney wasn't conservative enough. Mind you, this otherwise intelligent man thought that Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum were the best pieces of candy in the box. Mind you, that Levin makes no mention of the number of Democrats who stayed home or the inarguable fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans nationally.

He's furious with Boehner for saying that Obamacare survived legal challenge and voter referendum and is the law of the land. Mind you that Boehner also said that the Congressional GOP would do it's best to tweak Obamacare to make it acceptable. Mind you, that no one, not even the Democrats ever thought otherwise. At the time that Obamacare passed, it was openly stated that it would need to be adapted to work best.