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I'm not saying there's a magic candidate. It's like a kid comes home with an F on a paper, and goes "What, nobody can get 100%" -- So I'm not saying there was a perfect or magic candidate. I'm saying Romney ran a really, really, really bad campaign. His message was wishy-washy, pandering, not particularly conservative, but also not appealing across the aisle. What's unfortunate is that I think it was a bit of the emperor's new clothes situation... no influential voice on the right really wanted to admit this.

He refused to refute it. Here's the game that got played. Romney didn't want to get specific. So Obama baited him with, "Well Romney wants to eliminate X." Because if Romney said "no" well then he would have to get specific. So Romney ignored it, because he preferred to keep things high level/vague. For better or worse, gave people the impression he had no real plan.

I can only rely on anecdotal evidence for this, because I'm not a pollster. But the truth is I happen to work in a liberal industry. I'm in Montreal, but it's an international company and we have quite a number of Americans. Me in this other guy were the only non-Obama-supporters. Those Americans that work at my company; they all have reasonably high paying jobs. They don't want free stuff, they make too much money to collect it. My mom also voted for Obama. She's extremely well off.

So you can take this however you want, but to be perfectly honest when I read a conservative blog or watch Fox and they say "oh, well Obama won because he's the welfare president / gives people free stuff / etc" I think it's not only false, but tragic... because it's the easy answer that lets the party off the hook from self-reflection and a deep analysis. Just my 2c.
Not all Obama supporters want Barack's candy but enough to make a difference in the election. Hell you as much as admit it when you criticise Romney for not refuting the claims. If it wasn't truth then why did it make a difference. Doesn't require deep analysis just common sense.

Candy just the thing to enslave folks to a voting block. By candy I don't just mean free stuff but the leftists love with the idea of Wealth redistribution.