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Calling it a stupid comment misses the point. Chris Matthews is not saying something stupid, he is saying what he believes. Matthews was simply demonstrating his core principle, which is that the amount of pain imposed on the people of the United States is irrelevant as long as his side wins in the end. It's an end justifies the means attitude that the left embraces.

This is the face of the Democrats who denounced our troops while Republicans were in power, but stopped the moment Bush left office, or who loved filibusters when Democrats were in the minority in the senate, but now want them abolished because they interfere with the agenda. In Matthews' world, anything goes, as long as the good guys win, and the good guys are they say they are, not matter how incompetent, corrupt or downright evil they may be. This is the worldview that allows a president to abandon people in the middle of a firefight, lie about it repeatedly and still claim to be strong on defense. It's the worldview that allows a senator to drown a woman and still be heralded by feminists, who also closed ranks to defend another president who was credibly accused of rape. It's the worldview that lets another senator be revered as the "conscience of the senate" despite his having been an officer in the KKK. It's a worldview that justifies anything, any lie, any act, any crime, as long as it advances the pursuit of power.

All Matthews cares about is getting power to the left. If it takes a hurricane that leaves millions of people without the basic necessities of life, then he's okay with that. It's just the latest variation on not being able to make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
Hey, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, right?