More Meltdown over at Freepers'...

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More Meltdown over at Freepers'...

Quotes from this evening from the right-wing webiste, Free Republic:


America, the one I loved, left me last night.

I fought hard to keep her and tried to warn her of deceitful and abusive men, but in the end, she abandoned not only me, but her sacred virtues, and fell into the arms of sweet-talking swindlers, who promised her the world and tons of free stuff.

Today I'm hurt, I’m exhausted, I'm subdued, I’m extremely disappointed, but surprisingly, I'm not bitter.

America has made her choice, and as much as I loved and wanted to protect her, I know I cannot change what has happened. She must deal with the consequences of her decision, however awful they may be.

I am left to cope with a tremendous loss. I could try to win her back, or find someone new, but I know that I probably won’t be able to forget her or how beautiful she once was.

When her new suitors have had their way with her and left her by the wayside exploited and penniless, I hope someone will be there to pick up the pieces and build her back into the noble country that God intended her to be. If that person is you, please tell how much I love her.


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20. Personally, I'd give you a DUzy for that one..

Such respect they have for women over there. Bastards!