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    I thought you were better educated on the subject than to say this. Every year, some right wing publication trots out examples of Canadians coming to the US for treatment. In most of those cases, it's geographic. In most cases it's because East Icicle Saskatchewan is closer to some US border city's trauma center than it is to the provincial regional medical center. By the same token, when some millionaire in the US goes to Los Angeles to get an operation you would conclude that New York can't or won't provide the service. Medical care is an emotional thing for some people. How many times have you heard a relative say, "He's got one of the best cardiologists in the country." Now do you honestly think that one of the best cardiologists in the country just decided to go work for some obscure hospital in Podunk Texas? Of course not, but it makes Ma feel better to think so. Population density is not a measure of the quality of healthcare available.
    How many US citizens cross the border for the sole purpose of getting superior Canadian care? I'm not talking about people visiting or working there that fall ill.

    His failure to answer this indicates his irrelevance.
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