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Some heterosexuals live healthy lives, are you healthy? Seriously, your and Ampats "go for the anus" approach to debate is tiresome. You do it in a vacuum of context and balance, and you appear to think it's clever.

My actually objection to cigarettes smoking is the smell. I smoked for decades, and I didn't like the smell then either and worked myself to death cleaning and painting to keep the house from smelling like smoke. I do think it's sad when I see people who work for low wages waiting for the bus when they spend enough on cigarettes every month to buy and keep a car on the road. But that's their choice.
I think the point is don't preach to others about their risky behavior when your behavior is among the riskiest.
This is all your business and your decision but programs like government controlled health care makes everyone everyone else's business. This is a dangerous proposition if a country wants to remain free.