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Update on my daughter being slapped at school for celebrating President Obama's win
I have spent a lot of time during the last two days talking to my daughter about what happened and what she thinks should be done to resolve it. She is very bright and contemplative. She asked me not to go to the school and raise hell until she tried to talk to the girls involved. She did and made a little bit of progress with them. She communicated to one girl, who has been a friend up until that point, that she didn't like being smacked and the girl half ass apologized. My daughter is not exhibiting signs of fear about going to school or trying to get out of going and every day I greet her arrival from the bus we talk about what happened and how she is feeling. She has friends at the school and there are other kids who are either different races, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religions who deal with many of the same issues she has.

I am going to have lunch with her Monday and sit at a table with at least one of the children involved...and we are going to have a discussion about accepting people's differences and how very inappropriate it is to use physical violence against anyone, especially a friend. I am going to look directly into the eyes of the child that hit mine while I am saying this without yelling, threatening or directly implicating her. I am also going to wear my Obama t-shirt and talk about how proud I am of our president.

My daughter wants me to help her start an anti-bullying club. I am going to talk to the administration about how we go about doing that. We talked about the goals of the club and how we could get people involved. I am very proud of my daughter and her resolve to make something positive out of something negative.

I am not going to call the police, the secret service, my right wing red neck southern baptist congressman or sue the school or teacher over the misguided actions and brazen schoolyard talk of 11 and 12 year old kids. I am going to attempt to teach my daughter a valuable lesson about overcoming adversity and sticking to principles especially when it gets difficult and other people don't agree with you and even when they attack you. Hopefully, together, we will teach the same thing to some of the kids at her school and start a movement that will help to protect other kids from similar harassment now and in the future.

Thanks DU for you passion and advice. I read all the comments and considered many of the things you guys suggested.

Here is the original post:

If another parent sat down and did that with my kid....shit would hit the fan!!