Dimwit uses "Bank It" again...

Mon Nov 12, 2012, 05:40 PM

So I was talking about the inevitable GOP/House-driven impeachment of Obama the other day...

My friend: "Really, you think they will?"

Me: "If they can, they'll try. Bank it."

...wondering now if I inadvertently predicted this Pretraeus/Benghazi thing.

Nobody knows nothing yet...except this: the GOP House is the last bastion of full-blown no-shit anti-sanity in the federal government, and they're going to be chomping at the bit to impeach. Not for any High Crimes and/or Misdemeanors, but because the Newt Class of '94 demonstrated that it is the best way to deny a re-elected Democratic president an unencumbered second term. It tore the country apart, but they didn't give a damn. They submarined the majority of Clinton's second term; by their lights, that's a good days work.


Get ready.

If an "impeachable offense" can be ginned up from this nonsense, bet the farm and the tractor and the barn and the cows they'll make a run at it.
I see Pitt finally slept it off.