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Do you feel the same when it comes to a woman falsely accusing a man of rape or does this only count when it comes to homosexual cases? Also, can't this be said of the case against the Catholic church? Oh, that's right. It involves the church so it was OK.
It's not surprising that you would post such a thing, since you have repeatedly demonstrated that you don't read what I have actually written on any given subject, you simply look for an opportunity to convince yourself that you have taken a dig at me.

I absolutely do feel the same way when a woman falsely accuses a man of rape. Are you saying that you are as willing to believe the one as the other? Correct me if I am wrong: Would a total stranger reading this thread not think that because this is "homosexual case" (not to mention that the accused is black) that you and Rock just assume facts not in evidence?

Can't what be said of the Catholic Church as well? That there were false accusations and recantations? There were, but few of the shadenfreude crowd payed attention to those or committed them to memory. I absolutely was put in the position of defending the Catholic Church during that news and debate run, and didn't appreciate having to do it. But integrity is taking the right position even when it would be easier to sit back and watch the witches burn at the stake.